Audio/Podcast Projects

Since joining the Quivalon team, I’ve gotten the opportunity to dip my toes into the world of both scripted and unscripted audio projects. My first was the bonus show to accompany the Clash of the Cousins podcast, which I took all the way from the unscripted recording sessions to completed episodes. Check out the main podcast and my bonus content on the World of HOOD website.

But the most exciting project is going on right now! I can’t say too many details just yet, except that it is a scripted audio drama that delves into the journey and relationship between two of the key HOOD characters. I am currently acting as both writer and script supervisor, and eventually will also be directing some of the episodes and taking them through the post-production process.

While an audio drama is screenwriting adjacent, it is also a totally different ballgame in terms of formatting and and creatively getting around the limitations of having nothing but sound to work with. I can’t wait to share the results when the time comes!

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