Feature Projects


Roz’s directorial debut hinges on making amends with her estranged sister, but things on set turn deadly when she unwittingly releases fairy tale monsters from their enchanted prison.

Format: Feature, 94 pages
Genre: Horror, thriller, supernatural, female lead
Themes: Sacrifice, family
Top accolade: 2021 Semifinalist Filmmatic Horror

Quote from a contest reader:

Overall, the writer does a solid job with developing a concept that works for their audience. The protagonist has a lot of challenges that she must overcome in order to remain successful in the industry. Also, the layer of suspense in the story makes the narrative more complex and entertaining.

Crafty (Work in Progress)

Format: Feature, pages TBD
Genre: Action-Comedy, female lead

Sacrifice (Work in Progress)

Format: Feature, pages TBD
Genre: Magical Realism, Drama

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