TV Projects

If you are interested in connecting with me about any of these projects, e-mail me at or industry pros can download the scripts through Coverfly.


A famed art thief is released from prison to aid a clandestine order of artifact-hunting knights as they race all over post-WWII Europe to collect supernatural objects before their power-hungry rivals. They hold the key to her past, but her ability to detect magic holds the key to their future.

Format: 1 hour
Genres: Fantasy, historical, spy, adventure, female-lead
Themes: Found family, “good” vs. “evil”, who owns history?
Comps: Agent Carter x Warehouse 13
Materials: Pilot script (56 pages), one-sheet
Accolades: Semifinalist 2022 Screencraft Pilot competition, Semifinalist Stage32 female-driven competition, Quarterfinalist Screencraft Fellowship 2022, Quarterfinalist Emerging Screenwriter Genres competition, Quarterfinalist 2022 WeScreenplay TV competition. Coverfly top 5% overall

Quote from a contest reader:

“Characters are phenomenal in both their dialogue and how they’re developed. […] One of my favorite pilots I’ve read in a considerable amount of time. Reading it was my pleasure.”

No Rest for the Wicked

After years of hiding from her psychic powers, a surly medium leaps back into her conwoman ways to trek across 1870s America and solve her ex-partner’s murder (whether his ghost likes it or not)

Format: 1 hour
Genre: Fantasy, paranormal, historical, female-lead, dramedy
Themes: Redemption, gray morality
Comps: Penny Dreadful x Wynonna Earp
Materials: Pilot script (52 pages), bible
Accolades: Finalist 2021 ScreenCraft Pilot, Finalist 2023 Maven Fellowship (Stowe Story Labs), Semifinalist 2023 Vancouver International Women in Film festival, Semifinalist InRoads Fellowship season 5, Semifinalist Stage32 2022 female-driven competition. Top 3% Coverfly 1-hour Adventure, top 3% Coverfly overall

Quote from a contest reader:

“I think this is a very strong sample that can be pitched to networks as is and don’t have too many notes around things that need changing or adjusting … Congratulations to the writer on a very fun and well executed concept and I genuinely hope this gets picked up (because I really want to watch it).”


In a clockwork city plagued by monsters, unlikely allies must overcome their differences to save a boy and uncover a conspiracy that could reshape the balance of power on both sides of the rift.

Format: 1 hour
Genres: Fantasy, Steampunk, adventure, ensemble, LGBTQ+
Themes: Tolerance, inequality, coming-of-age, loyalty
Comps: His Dark Materials x Stranger Things
Materials: Pilot (59 pages)
Accolades: Quarterfinalist 2021 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Quarterfinalist 2022 Screencraft Pilot competition

Quote from a contest reader:

“The world building within the story is truly excellent. The way the characters converse and function within the world further reaffirms exactly what it is. The characters and the dialogue are solid. The tone and mood are excellently captured in the script.” 

Works in Progress


In a faraway land, five communities come together to launch a dangerous expedition through new territories filled with mysterious beasts to solve the mystery of why the once-a-decade floodwaters that shape their societies came early.

Format: 1 hour
Genres: Fantasy/Sci-fi, adventure, ensemble
Themes: Faith, identity, leadership
Comps: Wheel of Time x The 100
Status: Writing pilot

With Quivalon


In mid-2021, I joined the Quivalon team to work on a multimedia project called HOOD. In addition to working with the creator and another writer to perfect our pilot script for the TV series, I will be acting as the script editor on future episodes as they are written this year.

In an England already ravaged by Climate Change, returning soldier Robyn Loxley must battle her demons – both personal and mystical – to save her people from the brutal, divided society controlled by King John and her estranged half-sister – the Sheriff of Nottingham and Marian’s new girlfriend.

Format: 1 hour
Genres: Fantasy/Sci-fi, adventure, ensemble
Themes: wealth disparity, climate change, family
Comps: Killing Eve x Game of Thrones
Status: Pilot, one-sheet, and pitch deck available

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