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A famed art thief is released from prison to aid a clandestine order of artifact-hunting knights as they race all over post-WWII Europe to collect supernatural objects before their power-hungry rivals. They hold the key to her past, but her ability to detect magic holds the key to their future.

Length: 1 hour (59 pages)
Genres: Fantasy, historical, spy, adventure, female lead
Themes: Found family, “good” vs. “evil” (and everything in between)
Comps: Agent Carter x Warehouse 13
Bible: in progress

Quote from a contest reader:

The plot of the pilot is overall engaging, fast paced and entertaining. It’s a magic infused fantasy adventure with high stakes and cool antiquities. The teaser doesn’t give much away but it’s short and thrilling. Mads introduction is stellar and really gets the story going.

No Rest for the Wicked

In the old West, a whiskey swilling medium and con artist is brought out of retirement when her jilted partner sends her an undead referral.

Length: 1 hour (55 pages)
Genre: Fantasy, paranormal, historical, female lead, dramedy
Themes: Redemption, heroism
Comps: Penny Dreadful x Wynonna Earp
Bible: Available upon request
Top accolades: Finalist 2021 ScreenCraft Pilot, top 3% Coverfly 1-hour Fantasy

Quote from a contest reader:

I have to start by saying that I love this script. It’s well written, fast-paced, witty and the 55 pages went by in a flash. I think this is a very strong sample that can be pitched to networks as is and don’t have too many notes around things that need changing or adjusting … Congratulations to the writer on a very fun and well executed concept and I genuinely hope this gets picked up (because I really want to watch it).


In a clockwork city plagued by monsters, unlikely allies must overcome their differences to save a boy and uncover a conspiracy that could reshape the balance of power on both sides of the rift.

Length: 1 hour (52 pages)
Genres: Fantasy, Steampunk, adventure, ensemble, LGBTQ+
Themes: Tolerance, inequality, coming-of-age, loyalty
Comps: His Dark Materials x Stranger Things
Top accolade: Quarterfinalist 2021 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Quote from a contest reader: The structuring of the scenes is handled quite well here. There are numerous involved plots interwoven near masterfully; there is a commendable logic as well as an effective emotionality set forth in the placing of these scenes. Overall, the world presented is quite inventive.

Web (Working title, Work in Progress)

Length: 1 hour
Genre: Contemporary horror
Themes: Truth and lies, technology breeds anonymity
Comps: Pretty Little Liars x Supernatural

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