TV Projects


A famed art thief is released from prison to aid a clandestine order of artifact-hunting knights as they race all over post-WWII Europe to collect magical objects before their power-hungry rivals

Length: 1 hour (58 pages)
Genres: Fantasy, historical, spy, adventure, female lead
Themes: Found family, “good” vs. “evil” (and everything in between)
Comps: Agent Carter x Warehouse 13

No Rest for the Wicked

In the old West, a whiskey swilling medium and con artist is brought out of retirement when her jilted partner sends her an undead referral.

Length: 1 hour (54 pages)
Genre: Fantasy, paranormal, historical, female lead, dramedy
Themes: Redemption, heroism
Comps: Penny Dreadful x Wynonna Earp
Bible: Available upon request
Top accolades: Finalist ScreenCraft Pilot, top 3% Coverfly 1-hour Fantasy


In a clockwork city plagued by monsters, unlikely allies must overcome their differences to save a boy and uncover a conspiracy that could reshape the balance of power on both sides of the rift.

Length: 1 hour (52 pages)
Genres: Fantasy, Steampunk, adventure, ensemble, LGBTQ+
Themes: Tolerance, inequality, coming-of-age, loyalty
Comps: His Dark Materials x Stranger Things

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