Lots Happening in the Past Couple of Months…

I just realized it’s been two months since my last blog post. Whoopsie! I’ve had my ups and downs, some exciting firsts, and competition/fellowship results, both good and bad. In addition to currently sitting in Italy as I write this, a recent highlight is that both Curio and No Rest for the Wicked were named semifinalists (top 55) in the first Stage 32 female-driven screenplay competition! This also bumped both scripts into the top 3% of scripts on Coverfly. Which took the sting out of being rejected from the Circle of Confusion Fellowship.

As for firsts, I wrote my first short. I use WriterDuet for screenwriting, and they did a 48-hour throwdown. Participants get a theme and an object, and then have 48 hours to write a three-page script. For this round, the theme was “now or never” and the object was sunglasses. I made it to the quarterfinals, which felt amazing considering it is the first time I’ve ever attempted to tell a story in so few pages. Unlike all the writing I do for HOOD, this is something I can actually share!

I’ve also been trucking along on an as-yet-unnamed audio drama in the World of Hood as a writer, director, and producer. But I’ll go into all that in another post. For now, let me just say that being limited to only sound and no sight in a script is a whole other level of challenge.

And as we’ve hit June once again, it’ll be time soon for another “My Year in Screenwriting” round-up post. So stay tuned!

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