Video Game Projects

I’ve recently become very interested in narrative design for video games. And because I am a lifelong learner, I’ve been completing classes through Masterclass (Will Wright’s Game Design and Theory) and Coursera (Game Design: Art and Concepts specialization).

Through this process, I have gained a new appreciation for interactive narratives and the challenge of drawing a player into the story as an active participant rather than just a passive recipient. And I’ve started developing two different concepts into full-fledged games.


You awake surrounded by burning rubble, memories fragmented and everything you know destroyed...

To put the pieces together, apprentice Gryphonmaker Nia must embark on an epic journey across land, sky, and sea to collect memories and gather resources to build creatures that help the devastated population and take down the Rogue Gryphonmaker destroying her homeland.

Genre: Adventure RPG
Status: Game Design Document in development (Check out my progress)
Comps: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla x Pokemon

Threshold (Working Title)

This game concept is based on my feature screenplay “Grimmer”

Logline: Roz’s directorial debut hinges on making amends with her estranged sister, but things on set turn deadly when she unwittingly frees fairy tale monsters from their enchanted prison. When her sister is dragged across the threshold, Roz must travel to the dark land to save her.

Genre: Fantasy/Horror Narrative RPG mystery
Status: Game Design Document in development, screenplay complete

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