Creating My Own Screenwriting Boot Camp: MasterClass Courses

I wrote this post for my author website, but I’m moving all my screenwriting posts over to my new site.

Phoebe Darqueling

There are a few online degrees and intensive workshops for aspiring screenwriters out there. But, frankly, I’ve been a self-directed and motivated student of storytelling already for six years. It just doesn’t seem like it is worth the cost wade through the basics again.
However, there is certainly more to learn, especially the specifics of telling a visual story. So I am creating a screenwriting boot camp of sorts for myself. As an early Xmas present in November, I received a MasterClass membership for a year. And I am certainly getting my money’s worth! I’ve completed 169 lessons in about 6 weeks, most of them related to writing and filmmaking.
One important caveat to mention when it comes to MasterClass is that much of the time when I had the lessons on, I was not looking at the screen. There were certainly lessons where I needed to, but oftentimes it…

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