My Feature “Grimmer” is a Semifinalist in the Filmmatic Horror Competition!

Logline: Roz’s directorial debut hinges on making amends with her estranged sister, but things on set turn deadly when she accidentally releases fairy tale monsters from their enchanted prison.

Grimmer was my first attempt at writing a screenplay from scratch rather than adapting things I had already written in another form. I got the idea years ago from living in Germany, and it feels pretty prescient of me considering I am now screenwriting myself. It started as a mad dash after an Impact x Netflix prompt, followed by some refining over the next few months.

Taking a deep dive into German folklore, then marrying that with suspense was a fantastic experience. The main character also suffers from chronic pain like me, so it was also a great feeling to get her out into the world.

As my first stab at horror (pun intended), I didn’t expect to win, but I am so grateful to have been selected for the coveted semifinalist list. Many thanks to the folks at Filmmatic, and to the people who gave me feedback along the way.

You can check out the full list of semifinalists, finalists, and the grand prize winner here. 

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