Woke up to Something Cool on my Coverfly Dashboard…

I am a little compulsive about visiting my Coverfly page even when I’m not awaiting the results of the next round of a competition. (I’ll find out about the semis for the ScreenCraft Fellowship next week, though. Eeeee!) When I went there today, I found a whole new homepage for No Rest for the Wicked. And it had some very exciting stat updates!

I knew I was on the Red List, but I had no idea my quarterfinalist placement had already bumped to me to the top 10 in two categories for the month. Woohoo!!!

If you aren’t familiar with Coverfly, it’s a platform that many competitions use to manage their entries. I really like that I can upload my projects and easily apply in a few keystrokes, though they don’t cover all of the competitions. Both the Nicholl and the Austin Film Festival require separate entries, though there is a mechanism on Coverfly to add additional competition placements even if they aren’t run through their site.

In addition to being an easy way to submit things, they also keep their own data about placements and scores scripts receive in each competition and scores based on coverage the writer purchases. The Red List showcases the projects with the highest scores in various categories in order make them easier for possible producers, agents, etc. to request. I haven’t received any requests, but it still seems like a great way to have things accessible in case someone is looking for the kind of things I write.

There’s another avenue on there that I haven’t tried yet, but could also be a great asset for new writers. There is a peer-to-peer feedback message board where you can exchange scripts and feedback with your fellow writers.

Of course, I know that placing well in competitions and scoring high on Coverfly isn’t nearly as important as getting my work into the right hands at the right time, but I’m gonna ride this high for a while anyway. It’s wild to think that I only started screenwriting ~10 months ago as an outlet to get over my Covid Blues and my first pilot is being received so well.

How are your projects going? Have you ever been ranked high on Coverfly and it helped you somehow? I’d love to hear from you in the comments 🙂

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