Help us Bring the Characters of HOOD to Life!

Being in this crazy screenwriting game is all about connections, and I was fortunate to find an amazing multimedia project through people I’ve met through social media. I am already learning so much about the non-writing side of creating a show!

The entire HOOD project includes a book, podcasts, and eventually a TV show. Right now, we’re trying to raise funds to pay actors to shoot a series of short, proof of concept scenes before moving on to bigger and better things. It’s a mini campaign, just looking for 1500 euros and it only runs for 3 weeks. We’re at 59% so far, but we’ve also got awesome stretch goals to add better costumes, props, and special effects.

All backers get an exclusive first look at the finished reel, plus we’ve got other fun goodies. My personal favorite is that you can a personalized ballad composed just for you. I’ll be on the team writing them 🙂 Check it out!

The campaign video does a great job of summing up the world of HOOD, so take it away team!

But who are the characters of HOOD, you ask?

Robyn Loxley: The People’s Champion – Fearless, at times reckless, she returns to Nottingham harbouring deadly secrets.  Previously Nottingham’s golden girl, Robyn is now a shadow of her former self. If she is to have a chance of saving the city, she must also find a way to save herself.

Philippa Murdoch: Sheriff of Nottingham – The hard-working right hand to the king struggles to put down a terrorist threat. When her privileged half-sister returns from the dead, it threatens not only the city’s stability and security operations but the power, position, and personal relationships she has worked so hard to achieve.

John Fitzwalter: King of East Mercia – A brilliant scientist and ever rational, he believes the numbers will tell him how to save his country. His high opinion of his own intelligence often makes him appear arrogant and condescending to those around him, but he’s desperate to prove he’s fit to wear the crown.

Marian Fitzwalter: Princess of East Mercia – Heir to the throne after King Richard’s disappearance, she abdicated in favour of her uncle. Marian is highly intelligent, with an interest in everything from magic to matters of state. She’s also emotionally tempestuous and caught between her old love, Robyn, and new love, Philippa.

Will Scarlett: Rebel Leader – A charming rogue turned freedom fighter, Will is determined to fight for justice and rescue his sister from the clutches of the corrupt King no matter what the real truth is, or who he hurts.

Alana Dale: Rebel and Hycatha – Alana is scrappy and streetwise, but like all Hycathae (sorceresses), she is also cautious not to reveal her true nature unless it aids the fight against King John. Her relationship with Will is on rocky ground, and she’s looking for guidance from a new mentor as her power blossoms.

Ewan Qadir – Ewan is a skilled, versatile fighter who returned from the Promised Land with Robyn and is bound to her by a dark secret. Cursed by the Red Phoenix – a terrifying magical entity – he seeks the means to rid himself of this burden.

Want to get to know them better?  

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