Riftmaker is a Quarterfinalist!

Woot! I haven’t had any good news to share like this since March, so feeling grateful, happy, and relieved to get this recognition for Riftmaker. This is my second pilot and the first time it’s competed.

For this competition, ScreenCraft received around 2000 submissions, so the quarterfinalists are the top 500-ish. I did also enter No Rest for the Wicked in this competition, but something important I am learning about it is though there are fantasy elements, it probably isn’t well equipped to compete against things with big, sweeping sci-fi/fantasy worlds. Riftmaker is definitely more securely situated in fantasy, so I am not surprised it would advance and No Rest wouldn’t in a genre competition.

The turnaround for this one is fast. Semifinalists will already be announced July 28. So fingers crossed for more good news later this month!

See the full list of quarterfinalists here.

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