Oh Snap! I’m a DOUBLE Quarterfinalist in the 2022 Screencraft TV Pilot Competition

I’m thrilled to announce that I got word last night that BOTH Curio and Riftmaker advanced in the competition. (You can find out more about them on my TV projects page) I admit I was a little worried about submitting twice to the same competition because I wondered if they would just pick one even if both of them were good. But I am very happy to report that this wasn’t the case (at least with Screencraft).

They received around 3900 submissions combined for the 30-minute and 1-hour format, and just shy of 950 moved on. Interesting side note, for last year’s competition I think it was closer to 4800 submissions, so the “pandemic surge” may be subsiding a bit.

This placement holds a special place in my heart because the 2021 competition was the very first time I entered anything and I was a finalist with No Rest for the Wicked. With the inevitable imposter syndrome most of us face at some point, I had worried that my early successes had been flukes. So this one feels extra special to place again.

The semi-finalist announcements for this one will be posted on Dec 1, but I’ll also find out about the semis for Curio in the WeScreenplay competition on Nov 15. Wish me luck!

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