Curio is a Semifinalist in the Screencraft Pilot Competition!

Huzzah! My pilot about a clandestine order of supernatural artifact hunters post-WWII has reached two new milestones. This is its first semifinalist placement (you can see a full list of semifinalists here), and the bump to my Coverfly score means that I now have two scripts on the Redlist for 1-hour adventure scripts!

The fact that Riftmaker has not proceeded past a quarterfinalist placement is a little disheartening, but I am trying to look at it as educational rather than frustrating. Clearly, my tales of morally gray women are speaking to more readers than my ensemble fantasy script, which is important to know going into the fellowship application season in the Spring. I stand by Riftmaker as a good script, but these others are obviously more accessible. And it’s still competing in a few other competitions, so who knows?

I recently started a new pilot in the same vein as Riftmaker, so I will still finish that first. But now I can keep the back of my mind on coming up with something else that is more similar to No Rest for the Wicked and Curio. (You can check out the loglines for all of my TV projects on my TV page.)

We live, we learn, and we keep on writing 🙂

Next up, I am waiting to hear about the Coverfly Pitch Fest shortlist on Dec 18. Fingers crossed!

Have a lovely holiday season, everybody!

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