The HOOD Character Videos are now LIVE on YouTube!


This has been quite a journey. When I joined the Quivalon team back in May, these “character idents” were just a twinkle in the HOOD creator’s eye. Now, after a Kickstarter campaign, shooting during Covid, and post-production woes, we finally got to release our creations yesterday and launch our YouTube channel. Check them out!

During this part of the overall HOOD enterprise, I wasn’t able to be on set because the dates happened to fall during a long-awaited family vacation. But I was part of the pre- and post-production stages in a big way. I learned so much about casting, video editing, sound design, and music over the past months that I will be able to carry forward with me on this journey to the screen. In 2022, we are going to have another campaign so we can shoot some proof of concept scenes from the pilot and make a real sizzle reel to show possible production partners and investors. So I’ll get to continue my education on set next time!

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