No Rest for the Wicked is a Semifinalist in the InRoads Fellowship!

Huzzah! My first pilot got itself another placement, Semifinalist in the InRoads Fellowship by Filmmatic. Though I’ve been submitting this one since I started this screenwriting journey in 2020, I’ve continued to tweak it. This included a revision at the end of 2021 where I trimmed out 5 pages and gave it a new ending. Looks like it paid off. I guess it goes to show how true it is that these things aren’t ever really “done” until they find themselves on screen.

And despite going 4 for 4 in its first outings, Curio did not place at all in this one. So that’s another good reminder of how things are all subjective and it really depends on the reader you get any time you submit. Congrats to the winners and I look forward to competing with you again someday.

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